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What is Hip Resurfacing?
Hip resurfacing is an interesting alternative to standard hip replacement for young male patients that want to return to high impact sports or work.
Why anterior hip replacement?
Anterior hip replacement is a minimal invasive muscle sparing technique to do a hip replacement. You will not need to observe hip precautions and many patients can return to driving and working earlier than patients undergoing a posterior approach.
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Michelle Sabsels Lyons

Michelle Sabsels Lyons
Michelle Sabsels Lyons

Michelle Sabsels Lyons is a Physician Assistant. She jointed my practice in 2012 to help me improve the service to our patients. She has also been instrumental in reducing wait time during office hours. Michelle assists me in surgeries and makes sure that my patients are always cared for by somebody familiar with my protocols. Michelle is in charge of all forms and prescription refills and manages the patient portal.

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