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What is Hip Resurfacing?
Hip resurfacing is an interesting alternative to standard hip replacement for young male patients that want to return to high impact sports or work.
Why anterior hip replacement?
Anterior hip replacement is a minimal invasive muscle sparing technique to do a hip replacement. You will not need to observe hip precautions and many patients can return to driving and working earlier than patients undergoing a posterior approach.
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Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is a relatively new technique.  It has been developed to minimally invasively address intraarticular pathologies that do not require hip replacement surgery.  Conditions such as labral tears (Image A), loose articular bodies, intraarticularsynovitis, or femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) (Image B) can cause pain in the joint and require the patient to seek treatment.  If certain bony abnormalities or intraarticular pathologies exist and non-operative treatment options fail, hip arthroscopy does offer a minimally invasive approach to enter the joint and treat the underlying problem.  Dr. Boettner performs hip arthroscopy as an outpatient procedure, under spinal anesthesia.  Depending on the type of reconstruction, patients might spend a few days up to three weeks on crutches, unloading the joint.  Hip arthroscopy usually requires at least four to six weeks of physical therapy and it takes at least three months to return to your sport activities.  Dr. Boettner is member of the Center for Hip Pain and Preservation at the Hospital for Special Surgery.