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What is Hip Resurfacing?
Hip resurfacing is an interesting alternative to standard hip replacement for young male patients that want to return to high impact sports or work.
Why anterior hip replacement?
Anterior hip replacement is a minimal invasive muscle sparing technique to do a hip replacement. You will not need to observe hip precautions and many patients can return to driving and working earlier than patients undergoing a posterior approach.
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To understand if you are a candidate for surgery you usually need an x-ray of your hip. If the x-ray does not show advanced arthritis we sometimes utilize and MRI to see if you have arthritis. The first step in the treatment is however always non-operative and Dr. Boettner will offer you different treatments including: activity modifications, exercises, nutritional supplements, anti-inflammatories, other pain medications as well as injections. If these do not allow you to live your life and work with an acceptable level of pain you might want to consider moving forward with surgery. Please contact Dr. Boettner to make an appointment so we can discuss if you are a candidate for surgery.