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What is Hip Resurfacing?
Hip resurfacing is an interesting alternative to standard hip replacement for young male patients that want to return to high impact sports or work.
Why anterior hip replacement?
Anterior hip replacement is a minimal invasive muscle sparing technique to do a hip replacement. You will not need to observe hip precautions and many patients can return to driving and working earlier than patients undergoing a posterior approach.
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Adult Reconstruction Fellowship

Hospital for Special Surgery is proud to continue an over century’s old tradition of postgraduate training programs including our Orthopaedic Surgery Residency program.

A clinical fellowship at the Hospital for Special Surgery requires the USMLE exams, and positions for American residents are filled as part of the match program. International surgeons are encouraged to apply directly to the fellowship director.

Click here to find out more about fellowship program at Hospital for Special Surgery.

International Medical Students

If you are interested in a short term rotation with Dr. Boettner to learn more about Total Hip and Knee Replacement surgery please contact our office. We usually allow one medical student to “Shadow” Dr. Boettner. This is an ideal experience to get to know the US medical system and observe Dr. Boettner in the office as well as during surgeries.

International and Visiting Surgeons

The Hospital for Special Surgery has a visitor program that encourages short term visits to the Hospital. If you are interested to spend time with Dr. Boetter to learn more about his techniques in Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement please contact our office. Please be advised that the hospital reinforces a “No patient contact” rule for all visitors.

For questions you can reach Dr. Boettner at

CEO Orthoforum LLC.

Dr. Boettner is CEO of the OrthoForum LLC. Publishing company with headquarter in Berlin, Germany. The OrthoForum LLC is publishing an orthopaedic review book “Facharztkompendium Orthopaedie und Unfallchirurgie”. The book is currently published in its 5th edition and has been sold over 7000 times.

2nd edition in 2007

3rd edition 2008

6th edition in 2012

Dr. Boettner Publication